Establishing Practical Tactics Of National Health Service

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Past research suggests that 70 percent of justice-involved individuals have a substance use disorder or a mental health issue. The portion of justice-involved individuals who had insurance grew over time. But a higher percentage of them remained uninsured in 2014, compared with those without justice involvement. interview skills for graduatesSurprisingly, the new data show that privately insured people with justice involvement received treatment for illicit drug use or depression less often than people with Medicaid. Winkelman says this may be due to Medicaid’s care-coordination services and relatively robust infrastructure for mental health and substance use treatment. Next steps Winkelman notes that new efforts to enroll people in health coverage during jail and prison stays have been introduced in some states by departments of corrections and social service agencies. But some states don’t facilitate health insurance enrollment prior to release. Under law, people currently in prison or jail may not receive routine care paid for by Medicaid or Medicare, though they can receive coverage by those programs for hospital stays over 24 hours. IHPI researchers are seeking to study the issue further.

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