Some Emerging Challenges For Swift Programs For Qualification For Respiratory Medicine

respiratory medicine

“We have an exciting opportunity to try something new in these patients who currently have limited treatment options,” said Eduardo Marban, MD, PhD , director of the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute and the researcher who invented and developed the CDC technology. “Our theory is that introducing these cells into the arteries leading to the lungs will reduce inflammation and, as a result, prevent permanent damage to the heart by decreasing pulmonary blood pressure.” The clinical study in PAH will be led by Michael I. official statementLewis, MD , director of Respiratory Therapy at Cedars-Sinai, and could begin enrolling patients as early as mid-2017. In 2009, a team led by Marban completed the world’s first clinical trial of CDCs. The results , which were published in The Lancet in 2012, showed a medical first: evidence that healthy heart muscle could be therapeutically regenerated in a heart damaged by a heart attack. Since then, Marban’s research has led to several clinical trials in which heart disease patients undergo a catheter-based procedure during which they receive an infusion of millions of CDCs. “The primary goal of our study in pulmonary arterial hypertension is to verify safety,” Lewis said. “However, we did see significant improvement in laboratory animal tests that we hope will lead us to innovative and effective treatments for a group of patients who currently face an uphill battle.” “This award is a reflection of the continued excellence of our heart institute in leading the field and maintaining Cedars-Sinai as a pioneer in successfully and safely bringing cellular therapies to treat our patients with serious cardiovascular disorders,” said Shlomo Melmed, MD, Cedars-Sinai executive vice president for Academic Affairs, dean of the medical faculty and the Helene A. and Philip E.

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respiratory medicine

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