Some Plain Talking On Deciding Upon Vital Criteria Of Examination For Gastroenterology


Cardell Hayes faces life in prison if convicted on a second-degree murder charge. He’s also charged with attempted second-degree murder because Smith’s wife Racquel was wounded by gunfire. The shots rang out during an argument that followed an April 9 traffic crash. Twelve jurors and four alternates were chosen Monday. Hayes’s defense lawyer has cast Smith as the aggressor in the argument. This SiteProsecutors have said Hayes willfully rammed Smith’s SUV, leading to the confrontation. Surveillance video from near the scene showed Smith’s vehicle had earlier lightly struck Hayes’ vehicle. Questions to potential jurors Monday made clear that Louisiana’s ”stand your ground” law will be at issue when testimony begins. Potential jurors were asked about their attitudes on lethal self-defense. They also were asked whether they can put aside opinions formed amid intense media coverage of Smith’s death. And they were asked how Smith’s popularity might affect their verdict.

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