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3 concerning the lack of documentation by Clough with regard to the physicians pre-approvals. Clough testified at the hearing, but the board said it found him to be less than forthcoming, according to its order dated Dec. 8. The board said there is an absence of documentation that he and the physicians consulted. The electronic signing off by a physician does not substantiate that communication, the board said, and it only demonstrates that the physician reviewed the record and approved the procedure. One physician said when he signed the note electronically he was documenting that upon consultation with Mr. Clough, he had approved the procedure. That did not persuade the board that a face-to-face or telephonic exchange of information occurred between Clough and the physicians, according to the order. More than 20 records were reviewed and, according to the board, not one record clearly indicated anything more than an after-the-fact signing of the electronic record, for the pre-procedure reviews, demonstrating that medical board interview no consultation took place. The board said members decided that Clough did not comply with requirements to engage in face-to-face or telephonic consultations with physicians prior to performing injections. Whether the failure was intentional or not is not of any significance in this case, it said. The board placed the practice restrictions on Mr.

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Similar to the above, think about activities that felt effortless for you this year. Maybe its client meetings. Maybe its brainstorming with colleagues. Maybe its digging into an analysis. If status meetings make you check the time every few minutes, what makes you lose track of time? How can you do more of this? 3- What did I do that was new? Did you work with a colleague or department for the first time? Did you work on a new client or project?

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This does not mean that a physician must mandatorily be present to delegate work; however, the physician assistant must report to a physician at the end of the day. PAs spend much lesser time in formal education than physicians. Obstetricians specialize in childbirth and taking care of the mother. paediatric Cardiologist – Diagnoses and treats congenital or acquired heart diseases in infants. Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with a master’s degree in nursing or an associated field in healthcare. Obstetricians/gynaecologists are doctors who specialize in women’s reproductive health care. Craniofacial Surgeon – Operates on bone, skin, muscle, teeth, etc. to remove deformities. After passing this exam, they may use the title “Physician Assistant – Certified”.

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